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H4NG app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 2492 ratings )
Music Entertainment
Developer: MagischMeik
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 13 Oct 2008
App size: 5.99 Mb

H4NG for iPhone lets you witness the unique sound of the H4NG directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch(with headphones).

The H4NG is a melodic percussion-instrument from the 21st century.
By the use of a special tuning, the instrument also enables untrained people to quickly discover and play euphonic melodies.

- Realistic sound
- Photorealistic graphics
- Different sounds per tone
- Multi-touch support for chords

Relax everywhere with the mesmerizing sounds of the H4NG.

Set the volume with the volume buttons on the left side of your iPhone.
Please dont mute your iPhone while playing the H4NG or you wont hear anything...

Want to play a bigger Hang ?
Check out: "Hang for iPad"
Now also available on the AppStore.

Pros and cons of H4NG app for iPhone and iPad

H4NG app good for

Realistic samples Great multi touch Great ding & gu Still prefer my panart Hang ;-). Peace
Id like to know the tone model because I have a hard time to figure that out. And the GU doesnt really GU, but the rest of it is pretty nice.
This Apps really nice ! It sounds just like a hang but could probably sound better. I give 4 stars only become it would be amazing if you could choose different scales to play with.

Some bad moments

I never heard of a hang before a month ago. I came out of retirement for one night to mix FOH for an old friend. I was totally amazed by the beauty of the instrument. This program is not bad, but is much duller than the real thing. Suggestions: the output needs to be louder. Also, if you can, move the edge tones away from the bell tones... Too easy to hit the edge by accident. Great job for a 1.0 release very much worth the .99 cents... Thanx!! UPDATE: My first impressions of the samples was through a sampler/looper. I still would like the output gain increased for this purpose. But when using headphones the sound remarkable! I have also found playing much easier now... It just took some practice to not hit the rim.
App runs smooth and overall quality is impresive(nothing to fear). If the curious reader wants to hear this amazing instrument search the trendy you tube and get lost in its beautiful soundwaves. True hang drum enthusiast will not even read this review since for the cost of a soda they can have a replica of the rare hang drum. So this is more a direct thanks to the idea and creation of this app. Great job. And so it is
This app is a ton of fun to play with. Its always fun to just waste a little bit of time and try to come up with a new beat. And for just 99 cents, its totally worth it.
DO NOT BUY!!! This is not the sound of a hang drum, in fact it insults the sound of one... this is nothing more than a recycled sampling of a steel drum. A complete waste of $$$ and a rip; even if it is a buck.
Love this instrument. While it certainly cant compete with the real thing, the sound is quite good. The tones are beautiful, that even random tapping is pleasureable to listen to. You cant play a sour note. As far as improvements are concerned, I agree that the layout needs to be improved. The edge tones are too close to the main tones, especially the one at the center. As it is, I think the layout sacrifices playability, perhaps partly to maintain a visual likeness of a hang drum. It seems playability should come first. I also agree that the output could be a little louder, though it sounds great through the earphones. Bottom line: well worth .99 for hours of soothing creativity.
Yes, its pretty fun, but if your going to make us pay, we should be able to do more than just play around with it. Look at the drumset apps - the ones you pay for let you record and do all sorts of things, and the free ones (eg. digidrummer lite) let you play all the sounds and thats it. Thats what this does - play all of the sounds, nothing more. Should have record option or at least something extra. I will update this rating if you will update this app.